KIRARA@EXPO is a FREE media site to introduce your new products and services to the world.

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For corporate users, you can introduce your products and services after Premium Member registration. Once you registered them, you can utilize URL for your sales promotion.

You can advertise your new products and services at FREE.

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you may receive e-mail magazine of your interesting products or services which you previously registered.

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For local government or corporates

・There is free listing service that is able to save your sales promotion cost for new products and services. It can be used for test marketing and so on.

For exbitors and exhibition operators

We offer,
・ continuous opportunities of marketing place to exhibitors after the exhibition
・ introduction opportunity of products and services in more detail in the “video,” “image” and “instructional material.”
・ more business opportunities with request through the site, offered contact information, links to exhibitors, banner ad and more.


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