Corporate Info

Corporate Info

BIGAL Co., Ltd.

Date of Establishment September 26.,2019

Capital 15,000,000Yen(Subsidary company of MIT Holdings Co.,Ltd.)

Executive Officers
Board Members
President, Norihisa MASUDA
Hiroshi SUZUKI
Hirotoshi IWANAGA

Auditing Officer, Shouichi, NIIZUMA

World Business Garden Marive West 24F 2-6-1 Nakase,Mihama-ku,Chiba-city,Chiba-prefecture 261-7124
TEL:043-239-7450 FAX:043-239-7260

Osaka Branch
uenoBr buiding.6F 1-17-11 Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Minamisenba  542-0081
TEL:06-4705-5806 FAX:06-4705-5807

Place of Business
Kyusyu, Tokyo, Akita, Saitama, Hokuriku, Hiroshima, Takamatsu

Description of Business
We provide e-municipality, solutions for CALS/EC related, and Media Solution based on our specialized knowledge of aechtect and image processing technologies.

– Whole businesses related to e-municipality
– Consulting, System archtect, system development for e-municipality
– Entrusted operation for e-municipality
– Consulting, System archtect, system development for e-filing system
– Entrusted operaion for e-filing system
– Dispatching of CALS/EC engineer
– Digitalizing of drawing or ledger sheets
– Web Site Creation
– Planning, Creation, and Operation of Digital Contents
– Edcutaional Consulting such as Creating of e-Leaning systems, Creation of educational materials
– It Solution Operation

Business Acquaintance
Governments: METI, MLIT, MAFF, Local municipality, public-interest corporations
Public Corporations: Electric Power Supply Comanies, Gas Companies, telecom companies, railroad companies
Private Companies: Construction Companies, Archtect Offices, Civil engineering offices
Schools: Collages, Academies, Technical schools