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All material of Articles, photos, tables, illustrations, charts, videos, voice and others belong to Bigal or publications, contributors, photographs and to a third party with a legitimate right.
Except if it is accepted that you can replicate such License without within the scope of copyright law Article 30 private use, copy a part or all of the content without permission, public transmission, you can not use the adaptation.
For example, without the permission of the copyright holder, to deliver the content on e-mail magazine and to reproduce on WEB, SNS and BLOG is illegal. Likewise, you can not be distributed and posted on the marketing materials. Please contact us in advance if you want to use the content.
Please note also for the “”quote””
The provisions of the “”published work can be used to quote”” in Article 32 of the Copyright Act

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Page link of this site is free as a general rule. However, please be sure to specify as an original source is a link from (or to)KIRARA @ EXPO. In addition, please note the following sections.
Please understand that there is likely to be changed or deleted URL and content without prior notice.
In addition, in the case that we have deemed inappropriate may refuse the link.

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