About Privacy Policies

About Privacy Policies

Bigal, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Bigal) declares that we are deeply aware of the importance of handling personal information for the proper acquisition and use. Also, we establish the Personal Information Protection Policy in order to ensure everyone’s rights.

About the handling of personal information

1. establishment of a governing body

The Company, the protection of personal information management system (hereinafter, referred to as PMS.) In order to effectively implement, and then establish a management structure that defines roles, responsibilities and authority.

2 . Management

We regularly educate the PMS to the employees and maintain the operational level.

3. prohibition of purpose outside use

We comply with established operational rules in order to prevent out of target use of personal information.

4. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply personal information protection laws and regulations, the guidelines and other norms established by the Japanese authorities established a rule that reflected in the PMS.

5. implementation of safety measures

In order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information held,
we build measures to prevent for leakage, loss or damage and will operate properly.

6. Responding to complaints and consultation

We set a complaint and system necessary in order to respond appropriately and to the consultation from the person about the handling and PMS of personal information.

7. Continuous Improvement

We will improve operational level continuous improvement by reflecting social conditions, aging of the technology, the review and external examination and internal audit.

8.About Cookie

The Cookie is a small text file to be sent to the hard disk of the user’s computer for the purpose of that the web site is to hold the record,. When you use the Cookie, to store information about a preference for a particular site of a user, you can use the web to more profitable ones. By Cookie, computers that use of the user is identified, but it is not possible to identify the identity of the individual user.

Use of Cookie by Bigal

Bigal may use the Cookie in the following cases.
In providing a customized for each user service, we may use the Cookie so that the user can conveniently use. This cookie when the user has access to the customized page, or will be set when you log in.

9. For the change and notification
We will change the contents of this “for the handling of personal information” without prior notice. If it is revised, it will be announced on this web site by reflecting the published contents of the Bee Gull website (http://www.bigal.co.jp/).


Date of enactment July 1st.,2014
Date of last revised March 1, 2016
President MASUDA,Norihisa
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