Tianyun International Awarded the 2017 Linyi Mayor Quality Award

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2018/04/07 update

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Allowing Consumers to Enjoy Higher Quality "Made in China" Products

HONG KONG, Apr 6, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - Tianyun International Holdings Limited ("Tianyun International", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") (Stock code: 6836.HK), a leading seller and manufacturer of processed fruits products in China, is pleased to announce that the Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong Food Co.,Ltd. (the "Company") successfully passed stage after stage of review and assessment, receiving the highest honour of "2017 Linyi Mayor Quality Award" upon its excellent quality management system and sustainable business growth. The Company also became the only food production enterprise in Linyi City that won this award in 2017.This award is a full recognition of the quality control of the Company's products, and at the mean time it proves that the Group's leadership in continuously improving product quality and creating high-quality own brand products.

"Linyi Mayors Quality Award" is the highest quality award established by The People's Government of Linyi and is awarded to the units and individuals that have outstanding contributions to the quality development within Linyi city. The award is a great affirmation and encouragement for the Group's tremendous amount of resources on the research and development ("R&D") of new products and food processing technology for serving customers with innovative and healthy products in order to response to the even-changing food market as well as its flexible strategies towards ever-changing food market. On that basis, the Group has been consolidating resources, adopting streamlined management and implementing de-seasonalised production strategy in order to raise corporate core competitiveness. The Group will further accelerate the development of branding, sales and distribution channels, and production capacity for sustainable development and better results.

Looking back in 2017, the Group achieved satisfactory results in terms of brand reputation, new product categories, industry cooperation, strategic investments, and future development strategies. The Group achieved year-on-year double-digit growth in revenue for 2017. Both revenue and gross profit increased 14.1% and 2.5% to RMB 745.5 million and RMB 204.3 million respectively, among which own brand business recorded 71.4% growth in revenue to RMB 322.1 million. Adjusted net profit increased by 9.5% to RMB126.4 million. Annual dividend for 2017 increased to 4.2 HK cents per ordinary share.

Mr. Yang Ziyuan, Chairman and CEO of the Group, said, "It is our great pleasure to receive recognition from city government. As the PRC government has been consistently paying great attention to food safety work, requiring an extensive drive in the supply side structural reform, and promoting high quality development in the agricultural and food industries,, new market opportunities have emerged along with a stronger concept of health and rising per capita disposable income levels. Over the past few years, the Group has successfully transformed into a major seller and manufacturer of processed fruit products in China and is being highly recognized by customers and partners both at home and abroad. The year of 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the official establishment of Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd., we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the trust and support of our customers and partners over the years. In view of the new market opportunities, we will put further effort in our product positioning, brand promotion, production process development, marketing channels, food safety, and brand building to help the Group make a success in a positive competitive environment, and outperform other competitors with innovation and quality. At the same time, on the basis of our existing business, we will strive for identifying suitable strategic investments as well as merger and acquisition opportunities or partership opportunities, exploring de-seasonalised production and operation methods, and further leveraging our competitive advantages in production technology and cost, with the aims to providing safe, nutritious, delicious and convenient food products for customers, and bringing satisfactory returns to investors."

About Tianyun International Holding Limited (Stock Code: 6863.HK)
Tianyun International Holdings Limited (the "Company") and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the "Group") are principally engaged in (i) the production and sales of processed fruit packaged in metal containers, plastic cups and glass containers and ii) trading of fresh fruit. Processed fruit products are sold both on an OEM basis and under our own brands. On 7 July 2015, the Group was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited which had further consolidated our leading position in China's processed fruit product industry.

The Group has been consistently committed to provide healthy and safe products to its customers. As one of the food enterprises with the most complete quality certifications, we have always been dedicated to following stringent international production standards and are accredited with BRC (A+), IFS Food (High), FDA, HALAL, SC, KOSHER, BSCI and ISO22000 in respect of our production facilities, quality control and management. The Group has also passed the internal food production standard reviews and audits from some of the UK and US supermarket chains. At the same time, within China, as a "Equal production line; Equal standard; Equal quality" food production and export enterprise, the Group has been supplying products of equivalent quality to domestic and international markets. Since 2016, the Group's own brand processed fruit products have continued to obtain a high degree of market recognition, and have been awarded by a national institution the honour and qualification of "China Canned Product Quality Certification Label", become the first and only fruit processor in China's fruit processing industry to put the "Zero Added Preservative Canned Products" label for its products sold in China.

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