About recommended web browser

(Hereinafter referred to as “us”) to comfortably take advantage of all the features that are operated, we ask that you use in the following environments.

※The following list is a recommended system requirements. No assurance is guaranteed in all environments. Other than the following browser or, in the also by the setting of your browser under the recommended environment, there are times when it does not appear not be available or correctly. Please note.

Recommended Operation Systems and Web browsers
Please use the following OS environment and web browser.

【1】 OS environment

When browsing, please use the following OS environment.
For Windows users,
Windows 7 / 8
For Mac users,
Mac OS X (10.6〜)

【2】 recommended web browser
Please use the following web browser

There is not be to use case even if they are use of other than the web browser that we recommended or there is a case where we are by also customers of the set in the web browser, which recommended not appear the case not be available and correctly.
* Google Chrome

Version 37.0 or higher (Windows 7/8 / Mac OS X version)”
If you use a browser other than those recommended, those who use the old from the following browser version, please download the latest browser.

Download Google Chrome latest version

【3】monitor resolution
Screen size [1280 × 768 pixels] or more, please use in full color.

About Plug-ins
Access to the page you are using the following plug-ins, the version recommended is as follows.

* Adobe (TM) Reader version 5.0 or higher

If you have not been installed, or, If you use an older than the above version, please download the latest version from the download site below.


・About JavaScript
We use the “JavaScript” for the service provided. .
If you have disabled the “JavaScript” in settings of your web browser, it does not properly display or function.
Please use to enable “JavaScript “in the settings of your web browser.
※After installing settings, JavaScript is enabled.

・About SSL
For safety feature, we use the encrypted communication technology called “SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)” for the pages dealing with your personal information.
SSL is a mechanism to protect the communication on the Internet by adopting the mutual authentication of digital signatures and encrypted communication,
On the process of transmitting data to the server, the communication is encrypted by the SSL .
Therefore, the information does not have to be or is tampered with or being intercepted by a third party.

You do not need to do any special settings to the web browser in order to use SSL, but some older version you may not be able to display.
In the case, please use the above recommended web browser.